The golf course regulations

  • Golf rules (The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews) are in force on the golf course, driving range and putting green.
  • Every play on the golf course, driving range and training area must be registered in the club's reception desk.
  • Club's members register their game after presenting membership card. Other people register their game after payment making.
  • On the golf course can play people who get familiar with golf course regulations and safe policy on the golf course. People, who play first time in their life must get through special training with an instructor (instructor is available after telephone arrangement).
  • Game time booking on the golf course could be made by telephone after dialling +48 56 655 06 28 telephone number. TATFORT Golf Club members and their guests take precedence over the other golfers. If you are not present on the reservation time, the reservation is cancelled.
  • Children and youth under 15 years old could stay on the golf course only under adult person care or after the golf course owner permission.
  • Taking away special training balls from driving range and playing by them on putting green and golf course is forbidden.
  • Person who is playing on the golf course without paying green fee will be penalty by doubly green fee payment. Only golf course employees and coaches are authorized for green fee checking.
  • It is forbidden to move on the golf course with heavy boots with protector or heel shoes on.
  • Before the ball hit or test swing making player should make sure that no one is standing nearby and eliminate by this any dangerous situation of hitting someone by a club or a ball.
  • One should not play until the golfers playing before are in a safe distance.
  • Nobody should move, talk, stand nearby or right behind the ball or hole when a player is standing to hit the ball.
  • Any delay in the game should be avoided. The players who are looking for the ball should signal to the next players to play if the ball search is going to overrun. This gesture should be made before regulation 5 minutes for the ball searching passed. After the game finished the players should immediate leave the green. The score card should be filled on the next tee.
  • It is forbidden to make test swing which makes the grass pull out on the tee area. One must play the balls from tee peg on this area.
  • The ditch and the path which is going along the first hole are integral part of the golf course and no one allowance is in force on those areas.
  • Advertise banners which are placed in surroundings of the sixth hole are considered as an immobile obstruction. If the player ball is placed next to the obstruction or on it, the ball arrangement or swing making is disrupted by the obstruction player must use allowance of 24-2b rule.
  • If the ball landed on the wrong green (the other hole green) player is not allowed to play it and he or she must use allowance of 25-2b rule.

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